Request Julie's eleven steps to financial freedom and personal happiness book, Beyond the Park Gates

Julie Wilson is one of the UK’s leading wealth managers, providing live training, virtual programmes and one to one advising.  Julie shows people how to change the way they think about money and finance, shift their saving and spending habits so that they can build personal wealth and live the life of their dreams.


Following years of research and a lifetime of transforming her clients’ finances, Julie will show you why most people are closed off from wealth through having the wrong mindset and not focussing on the true route to wealth and happiness.   

Julie has used these techniques to produce breakthrough results in her own life and has been using it since then to improve the financial wellbeing of thousands of clients.

Julie’s simple no nonsense approach to financial transformation will help you earn more, learn more and build financial freedom to live the life of your dreams.  You too can experience the financial awakening that ignites an abundant mindset to release resistance and open up endless opportunities.


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